Desktop Delights – November 2021

There was a wonderful response this month and, as usual, I’m thrilled other bloggers joined me in sharing the image they have on their desktop.

Why not take a minute and follow the links to to see for yourself the wonderful desktop delights they’ve shared.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Liz shared a delightful image of herself all decked out for Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico City. I love the colourful design painted on her face and her delightful smile.

Becky’s share this month is a photo of the cutest little Chiffchaff (a little bird named onomatopoeically for its simple chiff-chaff song) and because she was so busy with Squares last month, Becky also included a shot of what was on her desktop throughout October.

Cathy shared some photos of frost on some leaves and, in the process, made me wish for some cooler weather. (It’s been sweltering here already and summer is still three days away.)

Cee’s desktop this month is a gorgeous pink Dalhia. It’s stunning and fills 80% of her screen, but even more stunning was the fact that I knew it was a Dalhia – I’m learning a lot from the gorgeous flower photos Cee shares.

Sassy shared a photo of the 2-8-2 “Mikado” steam locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1912 for the Polson Logging Company. It puts these modern-day trains to shame.

Self admits her desktop does not change for months on end, but this month it did – to a lovely shot of her backyard.

Brian went back to flowers this month, sharing a photo of gorgeous little Smooth Parrot Pea, a native Australian wildflower that grows on his property (and many many other places around our country).

Aletta shared a delightful photo of the Sunset in Simon’s Town, South Africa. The photo was taken by her sister, Elmarie, and I can almost see the two of them enjoying the scene, although Aletta admitted to me that she wasn’t there when the photo was taken.

Donna joined in on the fun this month and shared a fabulous photo of needled snow, a little (rare) snow on a Ponderosa Pine just 20 feet from her deck. Just like Cathy, Donna had me pining (pun intended) for cooler weather.

For the second time this month, Liz shared a photo of the scene from A Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. It’s a breathtaking view and an activity I hope to have the courage to enjoy one day.

Thank you to everyone who shared this month. I’m already counting downthe days and looking forward to seeing what you’re looking at on your desktops next month.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

I’m still surprised at this wonderful photo of a limestone stack along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This stack isn’t found where the famous 12 Apostles are located, however, it is nearby and I’m thrilled my photo looks so delightful on my desktop.

It’s perfect for someone like me who suffers with light sensitivity.

I can hardly believe I took this photo almost 11 years ago.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

On December 15, I’ll share the new image on my desktop.

(I’m already thinking it might have a festive theme.)

But you don’t have to wait until then.

You can join in anytime.

  1. Share the photo* you have set as your wallpaper;
  2. Provide as little or as much detail as you wish;
  3. Comment on my post for November or use a pingback; and
  4. Share the fun around 🥰
Photo Challenge – Share Your Desktop

* Remember, in the interest of maintaining your personal privacy, please refrain from sharing a screenshot of your desktop and merely share the image you have set as your wallpaper.

The challenge icon can be downloaded here – or here if you’d prefer a smaller fileor here if you would like a copy of the full image used above.

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