Happy New Year Everyone

Here’s a little (slow-mo) fireworks.

It took me so long to get my watch in focus, I didn’t even realise I have (accidentally) clicked slow-mo on my iPhone.
Oh, well!

I love my Apple Watch, and I think it loves me too.

Enough about my watch.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Last year was weird, with 2021 being almost as weird as 2020.

But as bizarre as the year has been (no thanx to Covid), nothing that happened prepared me for the absolute, quirky, outlandish, crazy, and oft-times, surreal things that happened over the seven days one of our daughters was here over Christmas.

Kate, who lives a mere hour away, arrived last Tuesday and we are blessed to see a lot of Kate. Shelley on the other hand lives in Melbourne and has been subjected to some rather strict Covid restrictions, not to mention she was unable to cross the border into our state due to our state government’s strict regulations.

But yeah for Christmas and opened borders. It had been two years since we’d seen Shelley and there were plenty of tears at the airport. She lost it when she saw her sister, and then lost it again when she saw me, and then a third time when we arrived home (here) and she saw her daddy.

Shelley (and her man, Troy) arrived on Thursday – Christmas Eve Eve (yes, that’s a real thing in our house) – and it seemed the fun would have no end.

After meeting Dean’s friend Brad on Thursday – and everyone (except me) having a few (too many) drinks, telling tales and singing Garth Brooks at the top of their lungs, on Friday I drove Dean down to the beach so he could have a surf. There was no way he could have driven given his alcohol consumption the night before.

After inspecting the water and deeming it ‘ok’, he toddled off for a surf and Shelley and I disappeared to the shops before returning after the predetermined one hour to collect Dean.

In Shelley’s own words: “I can’t be this close and not get my feet wet.” And so I watched as she walked to the water’s edge and dipped her toes. But wait! That wasn’t enough.

“It’s too nice, I have to get in!”

Shelley yelled that at me

Despite having just purchased a pair of bathers, she couldn’t get her outer layer off quick enough so she could run into the water – in her underwear. She gave a few passersby a bit of a thrill as she splashed around in the surf.

Oh to be 33 yo and just not care about what anyone else thinks.

Her ‘quick dip’ was just what the doctor ordered – Dean always says the ocean cures everything – and she was very glad she got in as the rain arrived – on and off – for the next five days.

I always enjoy a wet festive season. It is infinitely more enjoyable than a sweltering hot one. Thankfully the rain was merely on and off. Morning walks were still enjoyed (I go walking for an hour each morning) but there was one morning when we were drenched to the bone before we got home.

It was lovely to have Shelley come along with me and when she spotted the flying fox at the newly opened (but not completely finished) local park, she was all over it. “Come on, Mum! It’ll be fun!” And it was – hilariously so, and so much so, we convinced everyone else to come for an afternoon walk to the park just to ride the flying fox.

I had an epic fail trying to video Kate, but at least I captured Troy.

Best installation!

What a way to spend Christmas Day!

(And yes! That’s me cackling like an old hen towards the end.)

Shelley and I went on the flying fox each time we walked near it, and even Dean and I went on it the day we disappeared for a walk on our own (very early) one morning.

Shelley declared I had to ride it each morning – but I don’t know about that.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

There were so many other fun things we got up to – walking the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights, watching a few movies (when the rain was too much to do anything else), we did manage a quick trip to the shops for the Boxing Day sales, but for the most part, came home with our money. Dean and Troy enjoyed the Boxing Day Test Match, especially watching the Aussies give the English a lesson in cricket.

We ate, we drank, we sang, we danced, and after sleeping, we got up and did it all over again. For seven days in total anyway as everyone has gone home now.

It was sad to see Shelley and Troy off at the airport, but at least we know it will not be another two years before we see each other (in person) again. We do talk regularly on FaceTime, a couple of times a week, but doing so isn’t the same.

FaceTime doesn’t let you hug each other – and we are, and always have been, big huggers.

Dean and I plan to be in Melbourne in June, and I can’t wait to give Shelley another hug.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Well, another year is over, and the new one has now just begun.

Here’s to 2022 and a brighter future for everyone.

Author: Clare

Ever-expanding one star at a time, my cosmos is a galaxy of thoughts and creativity where you can find poetry, short stories, photography and so much more.

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