Bloganuary – Day 28

What is on your music playlist right now?

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Like everything else in my life, my taste in music is rather eclectic with only one golden rule that any/all artists must adhere to.

I must be able to understand what they’re singing.

I’m not talking about being uneducated about the subject matter, but rather the clarity of the words they sing. If I’m unsure about the subject matter I can always (and do) let my fingers do the walking and Google to find out more.

But if I can’t even comprehend the words, Googling more information is just a waste of time.

So to that end, here’s a list of the music I listen to often.

The Paper Kites – an indie/folk-rock band from Melbourne that I can listen to on constant repeat and still not get sick of hearing. Their unique sound is a little folksy but I find it haunts me and often plays in my head unprovoked – but in a good way.

Elvis Presley – my favourite artist to listen to when I go for a walk and don’t fell like listening to a podcast . The beat is perfect for my pace and I know all the words and sometimes I sing out loud causing other walkers to give me strange looks. PS: I don’t care.

Jason Mraz – I adore his single 93 Million Miles. I think it’s poignant and appreciate the message Jason wove into this beautiful song.

I love a bit of country (Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, and Kenny Rodgers), will sing along to middle of the road (The Eagles, America, and Bread – at least I think they’re middle of the road), and I get right into indie-pop (Angus and Julia Stone) and indie folk-rock (Of Monsters And Men).

I could go on, but I did say earlier my taste in music is eclectic.

From Adelle and Celine Dion to Van Morrison and Cold Chisel, from Sarah Blasco and She & Him to Ray LaMontagne, Ray Charles and even sometimes (but not often) a little AC/DC, but shh, don’t tell Dean.

If I can understand the words, I’ll listen and appreciate what I’m listening to.

As to my favourite playlist on Spotify, that’s Yacht Rock. It’s wonderful, easy listening, soft rock from the mid-70s that can play in the background regardless of what you’re doing.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

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Author: Clare

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    1. I also like Michael Bublé, Neil Diamond, Passenger, Tom Jones, Train, Bat for lashes and, and, and . . . the list is wide and varied. But, there’s a lot of music out there that make no sense at all to me. I don’t have time for any ‘head banging, rap crap’ as I call it.


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