Desktop Delights – February 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who joins in on the SYD fun each month.

My little challenge is growing and I’m still (so) delighted other bloggers share with me the image they have on their desktop.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Firstly – A Quick Catch-up

Last month, Liz shared an amazing image of The Monasteries of Meteora in Greece. Unfortunately, the pingback fell into my spam folder and I didn’t find it until this month.

Yvette was a latecomer for January, but that’s perfectly fine, anyone can join in anytime. Yvette’s image is of some funeral flowers. Yvette made these arrangements and is proud of her floral skills – and rightfully so she should be – the flowers brought so much cheer.

And (perhaps a week or two ago) I received a lovely comment from Cathy over at Frost on the Moose Dung. Cathy had changed her desktop in December and forgot to share it. Never mind, it found its way to me eventually – a lovely image of the Sunset, two weeks before Winter Solstice. It’s delightful.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

And Now – This Month’s Desktops

Brian shared an image from a counter front in a cafe in Toowoomba (Queensland). It’s made up of stacked little cubes and is one of those images that can play tricks on your eyes.

Becky went all out, sharing a squared video of the tranquillity to be found in the hills in the Algarve (Portugal). A still of the video is on her desktop. Make sure you check it out.

Aletta’s desktop is an image of three colourful rowboats on the shore at Paternoster Waterfront, South Africa. The view conjures feelings of relaxation and warm, lazy Sundays. (It did for me anyway).

LadySighs shared the desktop she has and a funky little poem about using Linux operating system. Her desktop is the actual image that came with Linux but LadySighs added herself – she’s so clever.

Mama Cormier joined in on the fun this month, sharing a view of Big Sand Bay on Christian Island, Ontario. She hadn’t changed her desktop for years but admitted she will be joining again next month.

Martin shared an image he titled ‘Beauty and the Beast‘. It’s not what you think. The shot was taken at Stratford, one of east London’s busy stations.

Cee’s desktop this month is that of the Hardy Waterlily Display. This is not in the flower fields where Cee usually takes her photos, but rather is where she goes to take photos of water lilies and lotuses.

Irene joined in this month with a lovely photo of a sunset at Lake Cootharaba. It’s a mesmerising image of the sunlight reflecting on the water. I know Irene, she lives close by, and the lake is in our ‘backyard’ so to speak.

Thank you, everyone.

💜 🥰 💜

Seeing your desktop images always brightens my day.

I’m not sure what I’ll choose to put on my desktop next month, but I will say, it still puts a smile on my face looking at these little pink Callistemon flowers.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

On March 15, I’ll share the new image on my desktop.

But you don’t have to wait until then.

You can join in anytime.

  1. Share the photo* you have set as your wallpaper;
  2. Provide as little or as much detail as you wish;
  3. Comment on my post for February or use a pingback; and
  4. Share the fun around 🥰
Photo Challenge – Share Your Desktop

* Remember, in the interest of maintaining your personal privacy, please refrain from sharing a screenshot of your desktop and merely share the image you have set as your wallpaper.

The challenge icon can be downloaded here – or here if you’d prefer a smaller fileor here if you would like a copy of the full image used above.

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