Sticky Date Pudding

This is not my recipe, but it is so easy and it is so yummy.

I wanted to try something different and had some dried dates that had been sitting in the pantry for some time and knew exactly where I could find a recipe to turn them into a delicious pudding. I wasn’t wrong.

We tried it as soon as it was cooked.

I had whipped it up in no time and placed it in the oven while we were eating our evening meal thinking we’d have some later – like much later – think nightcap, but with food.

Sadly, the gorgeous smell emanating from the oven was so tantalising that as soon as it was cooked, and then soaked in the sauce for five of the required 10 minutes, I was serving up a generous chunk, drizzling it with additional sauce, and eating it amid several Oh My God exclamations regarding how good it was. Dean’s assessment was no different to my own.

We had no ice cream or whipped cream to enjoy with it but didn’t care.

It was perfect on its own.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Here’s the YouTube video that shows how easy this recipe is.

And you can find Nagi’s recipe here.

Author: Clare

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