Sushi Anyone?

Yes – I’ve been teaching myself new skills and the results are yummy.

Ok, so my sushi doesn’t look uniform, or perfect like those little rolls gliding past on a sushi train, but Dean ate it, loved it, and then declared I’d have to make it more often.

I was surprised it took me only 1½ hours from start to finish to make enough sushi for our evening meal. I laid them out on a large plate, covered them with cling wrap, put them in the fridge, and then sat down to watch the evening’s news broadcast from in front of the television instead of sideways from the kitchen while cooking.

Making sushi was not the easiest evening meal prep ever, but this wasn’t my first time making sushi either. I did make an attempt a few weeks ago and that minor culinary disaster gave me many (if not all) clues for what NOT to do next time.

I like to learn from my mistakes.

So fast-forward an hour, the plate of sushi came out of the fridge, cling wrap was removed and my little rolls were topped off with Kewpie Mayo and fried shallots before we enjoyed them with a little light soy sauce.

Even I have to say, I ate too much.

But I also have to add that it wasn’t that difficult to make at home and certainly beats being disappointed with buying sushi that’s been sitting around too long – an experience we’ve had all too often.

I love sushi, but my No 1 Rule of Sushi has always been . . .

The Fresher – The Better!

The hardest part was making the rice, however, I’m sure I’ll get this right with more practice.

Have you ever tried making sushi at home? How did it turn out?

You know I’d love to hear your thoughts . . .

Author: Clare

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    1. Thank you, Miss Nancy. But I do recommend you give it a try. Dean and I had so much fun the first time around and our sad little rolls made us giggle like school children. This second time I found it so much easier.

      Honestly, I thought it would be so complicated, but (in fact) I found it wasn’t. Here’s a YouTube video 🥰

      The only thing I did differently from the instruction in the video was wet the nori’s exposed edge to seal the rolls. (A must I believe.) I haven’t tried making California Rolls yet, but I will next time. You’ll have to let me know how you get on if you give it a go.

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