Monet & Friends

The Lume Melbourne are hosting Money and Friends – an epic adventure into French Impressionism.

We just so happened to be in Melbourne when the exhibition opened and, because we enjoyed Van Gogh Alive so much, I ensured we had tickets to appreciate the works of other artists in, what I knew would be, another amazing multi-sensory, experience.

The fun began as we walked through the door and across The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pool, Giverny, an amazing and most famous painting by Claude Monet bought to life.

Our daughters – Kate, Melissa, and Shelley

Walking a little further to enter the exhibit proper, the space was incredible. It was difficult to know where to look or where to stand, or sit, or look, to best appreciate the wonder of the art works surronding you on the most extraordinary scale.

As it says on The Lume Melbourne website:

. . . the Impressionists’ incredible works are brought to life as epic-scale masterpieces four-storeys high are woven together with stunning musical soundscapes, evocative aromas, and perfectly curated menu at Café de Flore.

I love this.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

As with Van Gogh Alive, I thought the musical accompaniment was perfect.

The work that must go into the choreography of a show on this scale is mind.

Our youngest daughter (Melissa) had to return to work, but the rest of us went and sat in the Café de Flore and sipped champagne. While the exhibit looped twice more, we laughed and drank, and then we laughed some more and had the most amazing time.

Yeah, we clowned around a bit (ok, a lot).

It took a few goes to get it right, but we eventually had four arms linked as we sipped that champagne.

A wonderful time was had by all of us, but we weren’t the only ones rejoicing.

Check out Grandad dancing with his grandchild (bottom left).

I loved this too.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

I was moved by the whole experience.

By the time we left – some 2½ hours after arriving – I was ready to go in again.

I can hardly wait to see what The Lume Melbourne might have instore next and, for sure, I’ll fly to Melbourne to appreciate it (and revel in spending time with my children who live there).

Not my work – this is a gif embedded in an email I received from The Lume Melbourne.
It was one of those rare occasions I appreciated getting marketing correspondence.

Author: Clare

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    1. Oh, Jo, it was/is so amazing to be completely immersed in the artwork and the music. I could have tagged it for Walking Squares because the first thing we did was walk over that bridge, but I decided against it. So pleased to have to stop by 🥰


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