Walking Squares Finale

It’s all over, Becky has posted her final Walking Square giving us A Reason to Walk.

Not that I needed one, but I thought I’d summarise my walking achievements during November – because I have an Apple Watch that tells me everything – all the time!

A little (walking) badge of honour from Apple Fitness.
  • I walked 26 of the 30 days in November
    • On the other four, I went for a ride on my bike
  • I walked a little more than 130 km while exercising
    • That’s an average of 5 km per day
  • I also added an additional 120 km after exercising
    • That’s an extra 4 km of incidental walking
  • Altogether, that’s a daily average of 9 km in total
    • Not bad for being semi-retired
  • In this past week:
    • I’ve walked an average of 6.2 km while exercising
    • And averaged well over 10 km per day
      • I’m pretty happy with that
  • When I go for a ride, on average, I cover 10 km
    • Not much by some standards, but enough for me
  • On my busiest day, I walked 12.23 km (16,629 steps)
    • Yeah, I was tired the following day
  • And, regarding that little badge of honour – it popped up on my Apple Watch on Nov 26 because I set a new record for burning the most amount of energy while out walking. Yeah!

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

While my watch tells me all sorts of things, it also tells me that yesterday was day 705!

Woohoo! What’s 705 you ask?

That’s the total number of days in a row that I’ve found time to exercise.

Dean gave me my Apple Watch for Christmas in 2020, and it has encouraged me to change my ways – and change them I have.

On Boxing day this year, I will reach the milestone of exercising every day for two years. Sometimes that’s a ride on my bike, other times it’s a workout with light weights. I’ve even been doing (or, trying to do) Tai Chi – following along to a YouTube video.

(I even did ‘something’ when I was sick albeit a very slow walk on my treadmill.)

But for the most part, and I’m only guessing, I believe that 95% of the past 705 days, I’ve put on my shoes and gone for a walk, and I will keep walking because I feel better than I have in years.

Who knows what type of stats I’ll have racked up come this time next year.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

This is my last entry in Becky’s November Squares Photo Challenge – Walking Squares.

Take a moment to read Becky’s Never Stop Walking post, it’s a wonderful Squares gallery.

Kilometres to Miles conversions

4 km = 2.5 mi

5 km = 3.1 mi

6.2 km = 3.9 mi

10 km = 6.2 mi

12.23 km = 7.6 mi

120 km = 74.6 mi

130 km = 80.8 mi

Author: Clare

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      1. best way to check it walk a distance you know exactly and then check what the watch does. Some friends have found it records a little bit extra, but does seem to depend on your stride length as to its accuracy

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      2. Yeah. I had a few issues initially, but an update and a recalibration fixed those discrepancies about a year ago. These days my iPhone comes with me which provides the best accuracy 🥰

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