Bloganuary – Day 12

What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

Defining something as a challenging chore has been difficult for me because a chore is defined as a routine task, especially a household one.

After running a (somewhat successful) cleaning business for the past five years – ok, I’m being modest because what we were doing for a living paid the bills, kept the fridge and pantry full of food, and allowed us to enjoy a certain level of luxury. My mother would have said we were maintaining the level of poverty we were accustomed to.

But anyway, undertaking all manner of household chores other people either couldn’t or wouldn’t do themselves, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn the best product to use for specific tasks. I’ve also acquired a level of knowledge regarding the appropriate frequency at which various chores should be carried out in order to eliminate all the nastiness that’s generally associated with keeping one’s house clean.

Most clients would ask us how long it takes us to keep our own home clean and my response was always (and still is) 30 minutes a day. (I don’t have an overly large home.)

Raised eyebrows and looks of disbelief would always prompt me to add, “Yes, 30 minutes, but each day it’s something different for those 30 minutes”.

One day I might clean the bathroom, the next I might do the floors, the following day I might be in the kitchen wiping cupboard fronts, and then the next I might be cleaning a few windows.

Every day – that’s right, each and every day – something in my house is cleaned and, although sometimes it might take me a little longer than 30 minutes, every day I dedicate time to doing ‘something’ around the house. Sometimes Dean also does 30 minutes, but not always. (And yeah, I’m ok with that.)

With the exception of those few times I’ve been unwell and other days I consider off-limits like birthdays, Christmas and a few others, this has become my method for keeping my house clean. Ultimately, because I keep on top of everything, I believe this approach has eliminated the ‘challenging’ aspect of my household chores.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

Notwithstanding all of that, there is something I prefer to not do and that’s the dishes. It’s not because I find doing them a challenge – it’s washing dishes after all and not rocket science – but I simply find our sink too low and too deep and bending into it aggravates my back.

Just as well that around here, I’m the cook and Dean’s the bottle washer.

My dear friend Denise gave me this sign.
🥰 She knows who does the dishes.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

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Author: Clare

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  1. I liked reading. Dishes are the pits. They are the last thing done. No the last thing is so clear the dishwasher and that takes only a few minutes. It simple and easy, but one of the hardest chores to keep up. 😀

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    1. When we built our home, there was a space for a dishwasher, and almost six years later, it’s still an empty hole. Dean not only washes up, but he also puts the dishes away too (the next morning). His blood’s worth bottling.

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