Bloganuary – Day 13

If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

My grandmother, like many others of her generation I suppose, would say:

Money can’t buy you happiness!

But to that I add:

Regardless, I’d have a wonderful time spending it!

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

More than anything, it’s hard to wrap my head around just how much one billion (US) dollars is.

That’s One Thousand Million!

It’s hard to even wrap my head around how much one million dollars is, but I can admit I know I would need professional advice to ensure the money didn’t go to waste.

As per the responses many others would have, I too have a money bucket list of all the things I would do if money was no object,

I just hope I would be sensible enough to ensure this money was put to good use. Ok, there’s no hope about it. I believe I am old enough to put the money to good use.

I know my children would appreciate a financial windfall and there are other family members who would benefit from a helping hand.

Donations to charities and medical research spring to mind, as well as travel and the purchase of a few personal items that are currently out of reach.

I’d like to think (the sensible investment of) this money would ensure ongoing financial security.

For sure I would have a wonderful time spending some of it.

I was surprised to find $5 in my purse this morning,

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

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Author: Clare

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6 thoughts

  1. 1 billion dollars, first thing id do is buy us a new car, something easier to get in and out of, Then Id get a small condo in a sleepy little beach town, perhaps Netarts or Rockaway, Then Id get the best health insurance I could that would cover all my care and have the best Mental Health benefits possible so that my husband would have the help he really needs instead of what the state says he can have. then Id have my toes fixed LOL after that, Id put 1/4 of it into a trust account for the youngest and 1/4 into a trust for the oldest, Id help the youngest find a little one bedroom condo for herself and id have the oldest find a small ranch that would work for her and her horses. then Hubby and I would enjoy life never having to worry about a thing financially ever again.
    we would get a financial advisor to help us with investing and make the money make us money, id also get an accountant to help us with taxes and whatnot, and to make sure we dont go hog wild for to long. being dirt poor for so long it would be easy to go wild and spend uncontrollably.


    1. I do agree – it would be so easy to ‘go nuts’ but being sensible would ensure this (amount of) money would be the foundation for generations of financial comfort. Did you put this on the Bloganuary page?


  2. I would ensure $ security for Chris and myself and Chris’s daughter. After that I would help out financially everyone I could find who has long haul covid and give them what they need to make their lives easier.

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