My Top Five Emojis

This is my response to the Daily Prompt . . .

Daily writing prompt
What are your favorite emojis?

I’m more of a Memoji (sticker) person and I love my personalised Memoji because it does look like me – from my hair to my freckles and the gap in my teeth, all that extra time I took applying those minor (honest) details paid off.

But, I wish I could apply sparkly nails.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

A quick review of the messages I send reveals the following Top Five I use the most.

No 5

Partying Face

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

No 4

Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

No 3

Face with Tears of Joy
(I use it to indicate tears of laughter.)

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

No 2

Smiling Face with Hearts

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

But at No 1 . . .

. . . and at no surprise to me is an emoji.


Yep – I love using the (little) Purple Heart.

Especially in groups of three.

💜 💜 💜

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

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