My Favourite Fruits

I’m limiting the list to five as per the Daily Prompt.

Daily writing prompt
List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Coming in at No 5 – Mangoes

Once upon a time, I would have said Bowen Mangoes were my favourite, and they still are. These days they are known as Kensington Pride and they often find their way into our home when they are in season.

But I also like other varieties – R2E2 (the Stars Wars of mangoes 🤣), Calypso® and Honey Gold. Whatever I can get my hands on. We have lots of lovely mangoes here in Australia.

No 4 – Blackberries

When we were in Tasmania back in 2015, there were blackberry bushes along the front fence of the house we were looking after and we enjoyed copious amounts of the delightful fruit we picked.

Mind you, the bushes were covered in the nastiest of thorns and picking the fruit was a delicate operation fringed with fear.

No 3 – Blueberries

Dean’s love of blueberries has developed a similar passion in me. He particularly loves blueberries in desserts – cheesecake, muffins, frozen yoghurt – the list goes on. Recently, I started growing my own via the tiniest of bush that is still only yielding six or seven berries each season.

Cheers to my little bush entering adulthood and producing more yummy fruit.

No 2 – Raspberries

Those tiny little blogs of soft squishy bubbles that explode and disintegrate with ease providing one with so much delight, it’s almost sinful to eat them. They are just divine, even in liquid, alcoholic form, and in my opinion, they are the gold standard of fruit.

Simply put, raspberries are excellent and the greatest, most exquisite result of flowers pollinating.

But in first place and requiring no additional thought, reason or excuse, is the humble Banana.

I eat at least one every day because they are so readily available and reasonably priced.

I love them. I have them straight out of their skin, I have them with yoghurt and muesli, I have them made into bread, and I have them baked in flakey pastry with a spoonful of Nutella – Oh my, and when they are hot, straight out of the oven, that little blister they make on my lip because I can’t wait for them to cool down is just the delightful pain that comes with such a heavenly pleasure.

More frequently, and sometimes once a week, I have them smashed and cooked in pancakes.

I’ve only ever enjoyed them like this once.

Yum, my favourite Sunday breakfast.

(Here’s my recipe: Banana Maple Pancakes for One.)

Author: Clare

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9 thoughts

  1. I’ll have to check which mangoes are available here and give them a try. I can concur with the rest of your list, but I’d need to add watermelon and fresh pineapple in there somewhere. I have blackberries and raspberries growing along the fence outside my kitchen window. In summer I produce just enough to adorn my cereal or waffles every morning.😘

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    1. Oh, yum! I do also love pineapple and watermelon. In summer, I find watermelon is just the best thirst quencher. I wish I lived somewhere cool enough to grow raspberries and blackberries, but sadly, it’s too hot here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to really love grapefruit and its juice. I would juice them. But about five plus years ago, all the grapefruit is now so bitter I can bare stand it. I will sometimes water down the juice just because I miss it. 😀 😀

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