Thoughts About Who I Am

Still happy after almost 30 years.
We are still happily married after more than 30 years

That’s me there with my husband Dean.  I’m a little older now, wiser and perhaps a little more wrinkly, but I love this photo because I see it captures the joy that exists between us.

We are happily married and have been for more than 30 years and, apparently, that’s a rare thing these days.  We have three adult daughters, Kate, Shelley and Melissa, and we love them dearly.

In June 2014 I was told there was no longer a place for me in the organisation in which I worked.  I was devastated, however, all I kept thinking was, “Be positive!  It’s ok!  You’ll get through this!”

But my favourite though I kept having was:

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

So with that, Dean and I decided to turn a negative into a positive and made the relatively easy decision to go on a “trip of a lifetime” and travel around Australia.

My intention with this blog (initially Clare & Dean), was to keep a diary of our experiences, sharing with family and friends the amazing destinations in which we found ourselves, and the adventures we had along the way.  I never imagined others would also be interested in reading about our journey and that I would discover so much joy in sharing the photographs I took.

Our big adventure began on Friday, October 31, 2014, and we spent 20 months travelling around Australia, loving living and laughing all the way.

Blogging certainly made the task of keeping everyone up to date enjoyable.  In fact, I loved blogging so much I created another blog (My Creative Cosmos) where I would post (what I liked to call) creative articles that had nothing to do with our trip.

When our big adventure was finally over in June 2016, I decided to combine both blogs into one.  It was not an easy decision, and I put a lot of thought into doing so.  The hardest question to answer at the time was “What do I call it?”

After all, what do you get when you add Clare & Dean to My Creative Cosmos?

Retrospectively speaking, that answer was simple.

You get . . .

– ⋅ o ♥ o ⋅ –

These days my blog has become an eclectic collection of all things ‘Clare’.  A system of my thoughts.

I write about anything, what’s happening in my life and what’s growing in my garden.  Sometimes I share recipes and stories about what I’m cooking in the kitchen but, to be perfectly honest, nothing fancy goes on there, it’s just easy, down to earth food.  I still love to write poetry though doing so has taken a backseat to writing speeches for Toastmasters which I also share here from time to time.

I continue to share photos I take of my garden and other things I find interesting.  Of course, there’s also the Moon – I am such a lunatic – and love to take photos of that beautiful satellite that orbits our planet.

Yes, it’s a cosmos here and I hope you enjoy what you find.

41 Replies to “Thoughts About Who I Am”

  1. So glad to find you! I’m drinking lemonade as I write this! Lol
    We’re RVing around the SE USA. We hope to see all of our lower 48….grandsons have fenced us into the SE. But we’re happy!!!
    Look forward to looking at your blog.

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    1. Hi Gill,

      Sorry for the late response. I only just found your message, somehow it filtered into spam. Thank you so much for the nomination. I’ll attend to this as soon as I can


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  2. Hi Clare! I recognized you and your fantastic work here for a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I say “recognized” insead of nominated because I have no expectation of my three “recognizees” of doing the regular award acceptance routine. Instead, I hope you get a few more new readers. Enjoy!

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    1. Thank you Hilary,

      I don’t know what to say beyond thank you for the recognition and for understanding the internet constraints we face while travelling. I’ll do what I can, least of all, display that gorgeous button on our blog. Woohoo!! I’ve made it to the Sisterhood 🙂 Thank you.


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    1. Hi Carissa,

      Thanx for stopping by and following our journey around Australia. We’re stationary at the moment while we house sitting through winter, however we are still enjoying little adventurers in the area we now find ourselves. We’ll be back on the road early September and can hardly wait as this next part takes us to places neither of us have been before. I hope you continue to enjoy.


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        1. We are still finding different and interesting things to do and have already started our countdown.

          Only 50 days and we’re back on the road. 🙂

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  3. How fabulous that you were able to smash those lemons and make some juicy lemonade! I am so happy that I found your trip blog and this fabulous photography! You just found a new follower!

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