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Dean and I have been happily married for more than 36 years now and, apparently, that’s a rare thing these days.  We have three adult daughters, Kathryn (Kate), Michelle (Shelley) and Melissa (Moo), and we love them dearly.

Still happy after almost 30 years.

That’s me there with my husband Dean.  This photo was taken in 2012, so, I’m a little older now and (I like to think) a little wiser.

Perhaps I’m also a little more wrinkly – ok, a lot more wrinkly – but I love this photo because it captures the joy that exists between us.

Here’s an updated photo that was taken recently.

(Nov 27, 2021)

Yes, we’re both a little older and a little more wrinkly these days.

And here’s our latest ‘Family Photo’.

(March13, 2022)

Back Row – Moo and Dean
Front Row – Kate, Shelley and Me.

A Little Background

In June 2014, I was told there was no longer a place for me in the organisation in which I worked.  I was devastated! How could this have happened! And yet it did and all I kept thinking was, “Be positive!  It’s ok!  You’ll get through this!”

But my favourite thought I kept having was:

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

So with that, Dean and I decided to turn a negative into a positive and made the (relatively easy) decision to go on a trip of a lifetime and travel around Australia.

My intention with this blog (initially titled Clare & Dean), was to keep a diary of our experiences, sharing with family and friends the amazing destinations in which we found ourselves and the adventures we had along the way.  

I never imagined others would also be interested in reading about our journey.  Nor did I imagine I would discover so much joy in sharing our story and the photographs I took.

Our big adventure began on Friday, October 31, 2014.  We spent 20 months on the road:

Loving living and laughing all the way.

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

And Then

Blogging certainly made the task of keeping everyone up to date an easy and enjoyable task.  In fact, I loved it so much that I created another blog called My Creative Cosmos where I could post creative articles that had nothing to do with our trip.

When our big adventure was finally over, I decided to combine both blogs into one.  It was not an easy decision, and I put a lot of thought into doing so.

The hardest question to answer however was “What do I call this ‘new’ blog?”

So . . . what do you get when you join Clare & Dean with My Creative Cosmos?

Retrospectively speaking, that answer was simple.

You get . . .

–⋅ o ♥ o ⋅–

And Now

After travelling around Australia, we never returned to our point of origin (Brisbane, Queensland), but rather, we purchased a block of land and had a house built in Caloundra – a suburb of the Sunshine Coast, one hour north of Brisbane.

It was exciting and I blogged a lot about this at the time.

It was nine months before we took possession of our new home, and then began the task of ‘settling in’ – doing all those things we didn’t pay the builder to do such as establishing the gardens just to mention one thing, and there were many things we decided to do ourselves.

These days my blog has become an eclectic collection of all things Clare. A system (or space) for documenting my thoughts because, as I get older, it has become important for me to do that.

I come here to write about all manner of things that grab my attention – from what’s happening in my life, to what’s growing in my garden or being created in my kitchen.

I also love the Moon and often share photographs I’ve taken because I now own a camera that makes taking those shots an effortless task.  An important priority for a self-professed lunatic – I mean, selenophile.

So yes, it certainly is a bit of a cosmos here – my personal galaxy of thoughts and creativity.

By all means, have a dig around.  I hope you enjoy what you find.

49 thoughts

  1. Another Brissielander! I honestly can’t believe how many people from Brisbane keep crossing my path. From my cousins who used to live there to an old high school friend to another fantabulous blogger, it keeps happening again and again. 😀 Your new life sounds amazing and I’m so happy you chose lemonade. Thanks for all the work you’re doing with the Blogging 101 group and I look forward to browsing through your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Another Brisvagas resident indeed 🙂 well at least we were. Now we don’t know where we belong, but that’s ok. Home is always where the heart is, or in our case, where the mini home is parked.


      1. Absolutely! It’s a nice feeling to at least have a place for your belongings… the ones that are most important. When we were packing up to move, it was amazing to see how little we actually used. I had a vague idea of this but once I really saw it, it was easy to see that experiences are more important than stuff. On the other hand, we’re a young family (but old parents!) and we’re looking to finally have a spot to lay down roots… although the dream is to have a place in Canada and Japan.


      2. That would be lovely.

        We will find somewhere that has the beauty of the Blue Mountains, close enough for Dean to have a quick drive to a surfing beach.

        The hunt is on. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Greetings Clare! Sounds like a wonderful way to decide what to do with your time. I’ve never been in your neck of the woods, but have seen the beautiful landscape through movies, and television. Looking forward to catching up on your journey. You chose a good day to head off. It is the ‘new year’ I find the greatest kinship with. It is also the birth of our fun little half car. 🙂


    1. Thanx Fim,

      It is almost hard to believe that we have been on the road now for 20 weeks. Only six to go and we can celebrate a half birthday, or a half anniversary, or a half Independence Day, or a half ‘something’. Whatever we do, I’ll make sure I blog about it. And your little calf is such a cutie. (I was looking at the photo you posted a couple of days ago.)



  3. Hello Clare, also saying Hello to Dean 🙂 hope you guys are doing good 🙂
    Am here to nominate on an event “five days five stories” where you need to choose one random image each day and write a story behind the image that strikes your brain at the moment. You can write fiction, non-fiction or a paragraph or merely a line describing your view behind choosing that image for five days. And nominating one blogger everyday to propel the cascade forward.
    It’s not a command, if like, please join or ignore otherwise 🙂
    Here’s the link-
    Love and regards 🙂
    Rosalyn ❤


  4. Thanks for the follow, Clare. Going to have to get a map out and see where the places are you’re talking about. My best friend in all the world lives in Perthe. Met her on a Tolkien website 14 years ago. She’s been over to see us twice. Wish I could afford to go see your next of the woods! Have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lorie,

      Dean and I are having the time of our lives and we tow a caravan that I like to refer to as our ‘mini home’. There are images of it at the bottom of the Photography page if you’d like to see what it looks like.


      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello Clare
    Just discovered you via B101 – hoping to see parts of Aus that we might not get to. See you also have a liking for my mantra – live love laugh (and travel)


    1. Thanx Cathy,

      Live Love Laugh is such a wonderful mantra.

      I hope you enjoy following our journey and reading about what we get up to loving living and laughing all the way.



  6. Beautiful story.

    Kudos to the both of you for making the most out of a bad situation. 🙂 Looking forward to following.


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