The Fine Print

Sometimes, you have to include ‘The Fine Print’, therefore . . .

Here’s my spin on all those little things that need to be said.

And a few other things you might find interesting.

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7 Replies to “The Fine Print”

  1. Hi Clare and Dean
    Love your blog and have been following you from time to time. Mare and I also have a scope Skytrax and intend to set off next Feb for a few months. This will be a first big trip so can i get some feedback from you especially on the Tassie leg as we also intend to spend a couple of months there.



      1. Clare thanks, looking forward to taking off.

        How long are you home for before you take off again?  

        Kind Regards Stan New


        1. Hi Stan, I hope you got the email I sent. Dean and I are currently two very sad sacks looking for work because we’ve (almost) run out of money. So to answer your question, it could be a long time before we embark upon an epic journey again. In the meantime, we will be happy with the occasional short trip or long weekend here or there – once we’ve secured a money stream of course. Clare


  2. Clare
    We have a Scope as well. After 6 months on the road & no complaints.
    We met you at Dickey Beach when it was on its first outing.
    We have been following your blog ever since.
    Are you venturing west if so when
    rob & Glem Waters


  3. Hi Clare. Just going through the forums and noticed that you had bought a scope caravan. Just wondering what you thought of it as my In laws are looking to upgrade their van and she really likes the look of the scope panorama van. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy our beautiful country.


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