I love to hear what you think about my thoughts and the photos I share.  I also love to engage with you, after all my blog is how I’m keeping in touch with everyone and the interaction between us makes blogging so enjoyable.

Having said that, sometimes it’s necessary to delete not-so-meaningful comments or segments that are not in keeping with the overall feel of my blog.

Here is a list of the kinds of things I will not approve and publish and I appreciate you avoiding these types of comments:

  • One-word comments like “Cool!” or “Thanks!”
    While I appreciate the congratulatory nature of these types of comments, I’d love to hear more about exactly what you like, and more importantly, why you like it.
  • Really long comments
    If you need to take more than three breaths to read your comment, it’s probably too long and I will edit it, publishing only those parts I think necessary.
  • Shameless self-promotion
    Comments that contain links to your site or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog without being related to my thought at hand are a no-no.  Tips on increasing traffic to your blog can be found on this page.
  • Inflammatory or offensive comments
    Please be respectful.  My blog has a minimum rating of G for general viewing and is accessible by children.   I ask that you please take care with your choice of words.  I neither accept nor promote profanity.  More information is found on my Policies page.

I also delete comments that are written entirely in another language, as well as those that are difficult to understand due to serious grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

My goal is to make Clare’s Cosmos an informative, enjoyable blog and a place where you want to be involved and provide me with your feedback.

What you say matters and I hope you’ll appreciate and stand by these guidelines. 

Adapted from Comment Guidelines for The Daily Post.