Five Photos, Five Stories

Five Photos

Day One – From The Empire State Building

Day Two – Cottesloe Beach

Day Three – Hudhuranfushi

Day Four – The Twelve Apostles

Day Five – The Blue Mountains

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About Five Photos, Five Stories

Hello Clare, also saying Hello to Dean 🙂

Hope you guys are doing good 🙂  Am here to nominate on an event “five days five stories” where you need to choose one random image each day and write a story behind the image that strikes your brain at the moment.

You can write fiction, non-fiction or a paragraph or merely a line describing your view behind choosing that image for five days. And nominating one blogger everyday to propel the cascade forward.

It’s not a command, if you like, please join or ignore otherwise 🙂  Here’s the link: The Mission to Mars

Love and regards 🙂

I chose to discuss photos I’ve taken myself.