If You Guessed No 4 – Go to the Movies

Film StripSorry, you’re wrong!

If you really know me, then you know I love going to the movies and, over the years, Dean and I have been to see many fabulous films.  I sometimes think I’d make a good film critic.

While we were in Ballina, and in an effort to escape the heat, we went to see Interstellar.  The film was great, I loved it, but the theatre was warm and I guessed the air conditioner was struggling to maintain the desired comfort level.

This was totally outweighed by the film itself.  The concept of the story was not lost on me and the images of the universe breathtaking to see on the big screen.

Guess Again

  1. Wash my hair?
  2. Eat a piece of fruit?
  3. Attend retail therapy?
  4. Go to the movies?
  5. Put on make up?