If You Guessed No 5 – Put on Make Up

Make UpCongratulations – You’re Right

Shock Horror!  Fancy going out in public without the necessary war paint to render my appearance acceptable to society.  But since when did society dictate what I can do?

Actually, I have never been one for wearing a lot of make up, eye liner and lipstick are normally my only ‘tools of the trade’.  I must admit however, over the years and particularly since lightening my hair 12 years ago, they have been my constant companions and there have been very few days – actually rarely a day – when I don’t apply both before stepping outside.

Stepping outside is now something I can’t avoid – I’m living in the outside – but I have avoided the morning ritual of apply war paint before I open the door to our mini home.

AND I’m surprised at how liberating it feels to not wear it.  It also feels great to know I don’t have to apply it, remove it and ultimately repurchase it once it runs out.

Luckily, Dean refuses to wear his glasses and sees me through a soft lens. 🙂

With no lipstick providing sun protection though, I have had to buy a lip gloss.  First time I’ve own and used one.

Why not read about the other options?

  1. Wash my hair?
  2. Eat a piece of fruit?
  3. Attend retail therapy?
  4. Go to the movies?

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(Without giving away the correct answer please.)