My Parmigiana Richter Scale

My Parmigiana Richter Scale measures the magnitude of mouth-watering goodness of the Chicken Parmigianas I’ve eaten as we travelled around Australia.  Now that our travels have concluded, I continue to write reviews when I encounter a ‘good’ parmie somewhere.

The rating given is my own opinion based wholly and solely on what I was served on the day we dined at the identified establishment.  I am not paid to lie – yet 🙂

Hot Stuff
10.0 – Don’t drive past
9.5 – Not to be missed
9.0 – Almost perfect
8.5 – Pretty good pub grub
8.0 – Better than pub grub
7.5 – Better than good
7.0 – Better than average
6.5 – Just above pub grub
6.0 – Normal pub grub
5.5 – Had lots of potential
5.0 – Nothing too fancy
4.5 – You get what you pay for
4.0 – You must be hungry
3.0 – Have something else
2.0 – Where’s Macca’s?
1.0 – Are you hungry?
Establishment Score Cost
Bellvista Tavern, Caloundra West, Queensland (BBQ Meat Lovers) 10 $15.00
Dicky Beach Surf Club, Caloundra, Queensland 9.999 $24.90
The Entrance Hotel, The Entrance, New South Wales 9.999 $24.00
The Earl of Spencer, Albany, Western Australia 9.8 $24.00
The Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate, Queensland 9.5 $16.00
Bellvista Tavern, Caloundra West, Queensland (The Frenchy) 9.0 $23.00
Bayside Inn, St Helens, Tasmania (Mexican Parmi) 9.0 $15.00
Bayside Inn, St Helens, Tasmania (Hawaiian Parmi) 8.6 $15.00
Yarrawonga Hotel, Yarrawonga, Victoria 8.6 $22.00
Tambrey Tavern, Karratha, Western Australia 8.6 $26.00
Seahorse Inn, Boydtown, New South Wales 8.5 $24.95
The Esplanade Hotel, Busselton, Western Australia 8.3 $26.00
Iluka Tavern, Coles Bay, Tasmania 8.0 $26.00
Dicky Beach Surf Club, Caloundra, Queensland 7.5 $27.95
Claremont Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania 7.3 $22.50
St Georges Basin Country Club, Sanctuary Point 7.3 $20.00
Hotel Bondi, Sydney, New South Wales 7.0 $10.00
Seacliff Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia 6.0 $23.00
The Fox Hotel, Collingwood, Victoria 5.0 $22.00
The Country Club, Cervantes, Western Australia 5.0 $20.00
Shaws Bay Hotel, Ballina, New South Wales 5.0 $16.00
Yallingup Hotel, Yallingup, Western Australia 4.3 $27.00
Cooee Hotel, St Georges Basin, New South Wales 4.3 $18.00
Amble Inn, Corindi Beach, New South Wales   2.5 $24 (?)
Pemberton Hotel, Pemberton, Western Australia 1.0 $24.00

♣ This review is included with the review from the Cooee Hotel and can be found under the heading Chicken Parmigiana Catch Up.

♠ Sanctuary Point is in New South Wales.

♦ The Chicken Parmigiana I had at the Amble Inn was so bad that, at the time, I decided to not publish the review I wrote.  I’ve made it available here only because this is the page that contains the ranking of the various parmigianas I have had.

♥ These were all reviewed together in my post entitled A Parmigiana Catch Up.



2 thoughts

  1. This is quite enlightening, although I don’t think it’s on the menu in the USA. Pamigiana gets served with pasta, not chips here. Maybe I could try something like it with my favorite dish, shrimp tacos!


    1. Hi Lorie,

      I worked in a little Italian restaurant when I first left school, and (all those years ago) it was on the menu served with pasta 🙂

      Now though, the Chicken Parmigiana has become staple ‘pub grub’, served with salad and chips, or veges, and a much loved favourite all across Australia. It certainly is my favourite.



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