When a Tablespoon is Something Else

Recipes are wonderful things.  A step by step guide that, when followed to a T, allows you to reach the desired outcome.

It never fails to amaze me that by following those instructions and combining specific amounts of listed ingredients, suddenly, as if one is possessed of a magic wand, those plain (and often boring ingredients) miraculously turn into culinary delights our family and friends oohing and ahhing over.

Yes, I love cooking and I grew up following recipes my mother inherited from her mother as well as recipes my father’s mother passed on to me.
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Waiting for My Zygos

The scientific name of this unusual plant is Schlumbergera, but they are also known and Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Claw Cactus, Holiday Cactus and Crab Cactus.  I’ve only ever known them as Zygocactus, or Zygos for short.

I guess the reference to Christmas and Thanksgiving comes from North America as these plants flower during the cooler months.  Sure enough, this name doesn’t make a lot of sense in the southern hemisphere where they flower in the middle of the year.  In fact, they flower in response to lengthening nights and do not like direct sunlight.
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My All Time Favourite

It could be hard to pick one photograph and deem it my favourite.  Funny that I said there were Too Many to Pick One in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Favorite Place and all of those photos I shared back in March are favourites.  I could easily have picked any one of them.

However, in the final edition of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the Daily Post staff contributors have shared their favourite photos and invited users to do the same.  Immediately (at least in my head anyway) I was back on Dicky Beach where I stood on a cold June morning in 2016.  With a bit of cloud about and the tide low, the wet sand reflected a myriad of colours flooding the sky as the Sun crept over the horizon.  The scene was breathtakingly beautiful as I stood there all by myself photographing the sunrise unfolding before me. Continue reading →


I couldn’t resist this Daily Prompt from WordPress.


For the past 18 months, my friend Tracey has been calling me her Doppelgänger, nay, she has been telling anyone and everyone, at every opportunity, that I’m her ‘little Doppelgänger’.  And whilst you may have almost choked – or giggled – over the word ‘little’, I can almost hear you saying “You look nothing alike”, and that’s true.
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Stargazing with Brian, Julia and Dr Karl

On Wednesday, May 23 (2018), people all across Australia gathered to break the Guinness World Record for the Most people stargazing – multiple venues.

The current World Record, set in 2015 by the Australian National University (ANU), is 7,960 people across 37 locations.

This year the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in partnership with the ANU was aiming to set a new record so large that it will be very difficult to break again.  On this occasion, participants would be asked to gaze at the Moon for 10 minutes and the ABC asked everyone to help.  Being the lunatic that I am, I said, “YES!  We can do that!”  (I voluntold* Dean as a participant.)
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