I always refer to my camera as a ‘Point ‘n Click’ camera which isn’t true.  I use a bridge camera.  I just like to point ‘n click.  These types of cameras have manual controls for shutter speed, and aperture, as well as lots of other features similar to those found on DSLRs.  I upgraded to a Nikon Coolpix P900 in 2018 and although I’m still learning how to use, the photos it takes never cease to amaze me.

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When I can, I like to join Becky for her (month-long) photo challenge – Squares.

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October 2020


July 2020


April 2020


January 2020


October 2019


July 2019

Blue (Moon)

March 2019


December 2018

(Christmas) Time

September 2018


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There are many more photos I’ve shared.

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