These are my recipes, some have been handed down from my mother, some have been handed up from my girls, a few have been handed sideways from friends and quite a lot I have created myself and now hand on.  Enjoy!

Baked Chicken Nachos
My own recipe.

Banana Maple Pancakes
My own recipe

Bbq’d Shepherd’s Pies
My own spin on an Aussie family favourite.

Braised Beef
My own recipe.

Chilli Beef Burgers
My own recipe.

Easy Banana Bread
A recipe from a friend.

Foil Wrapped Garlic Cheesy Potatoes
My own recipe for fluffy, yet crunchy, BBQ’d potatoes. 

Lemon Cheesecake
My variation of a recipe found on the Philly cheese packet – years ago.

Onion Jam
My own recipe.

Plain Scones
My variation of my mother’s recipe.

Plain Scone Variations
A few variations I have created.

Pumpkin Scones
My variation of a recipe that didn’t work.

Pumpkin Soup
My own recipe.

Red Velvet Cupcakes
My cupcake variation of a recipe in the Australian Good Taste magazine.
December 2011, Page 109 – Recipe by Kathy Knudsen

(I made this cake for Christmas 2011, it took two days to make and was amazing)

Roast Vegetable Pie
My slight variation of a recipe found in the Australian Good Taste magazine.
December 2011, Page 47 – Recipe by Sydney Pemberton

Rum Balls
My mother’s recipe.

Satay Sauce
My own recipe.

Savoury Muffins 
My own recipe.

Spicy Chicken Vol Au Vents
My own recipe.

Sweet & Sour Pork – New!
My mother’s recipe.

Violet Crumble Cheesecake
My variation on my Lemon Cheesecake.

Weekend Special
This is my all time favourite lunch to make on the weekend.

Weet-Bix Biscuit Slice
This was my mother’s recipe that she, in turn, received from her mother.

White Chocolate and Macadamia Biscuits
My own recipe.

White Chocolate Tim Tam Truffles
My own recipe.

Wild Blackberry Crumble
My own recipe.

Wild Blackberry Jam
My own recipe.

Zucchini Slice
This was my mother’s recipe.

8 Replies to “Recipes”

  1. I have been lucky enough to share Clair’s Chilly Burgers with Onion Jam – what a treat, it was delicious and a meal I will remember with joy as we all tucked in. I love your recipes and always keep a look out for new ones.
    keep up the good work ….cheers Denise


  2. Hi Clare – Love your blog – keep those recipes coming, you are and will be quite the chef – back in Brisbane for a couple of days before heading south. I notice you are heading down the coast towards a little place called Stuarts Point – when I was in my early teen’s I spent time fishing and collecting lots of oysters which I soon learnt to shuck. At one time I successfully managed to shuck 100 in one sitting – No I didn’t eat all of them. I also collected lots of bait fish and fished on the beach; experiences I will remember forever. Enjoy the beginning of the journey and keep up that good positive attitude. I guess with no work that’s easy to do.
    Take care – Hi to Dean. Cheers D


    1. Thanx Denise,

      I’ll try to post recipes on a regular basis, so please check back every now and then to see what’s new.



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