A Step Into the Sandbox

“Getting to know me.  Getting to know all about me.”  Sounds like a line from a very old song.  Oh, hang on a minute, that’s not right.  The correct words are: “Getting to know YOU!  Getting to know all about YOU!  Getting to like you.  Getting to hope you like me.”  Aka – that wonderful song from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s, The King and I.

I’ll let you do the singing because this post is all about you getting to know me, allowing you to understand a little more about the crazy lady who owns this bog and, perhaps along the way, I might even learn a thing or two about myself.
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The Other Side of 500


I’ve posted 500 times since I started my blog.

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A Trivial Update

Twenty months down the track, we managed to tow our mini home through every state and territory of Australia and, although we failed to stay in the ACT (the Australian Capitol Territory), we mostly stuck to our original plan of driving around Australia, that is to say, that we primarily drove around the outside.

In doing so, we staying in 108 different locations, with more than 85% of those on or adjacent to a beach, and the greater majority of those beaches provided Dean with a wave to surf.  We visited countless areas of breathtaking natural beauty and incredible places protected under world heritage classifications, as well as little-known spots that locals pointed us towards.

We arrived in Brisbane this afternoon with our amazing adventure now behind us, but all in all, I hope you enjoy the following:

My Last Miscellaneous Trip Trivia

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Moving Forward

A New Name and A New Direction

When I wrote about Closing the Loop a little over a week ago, I mentioned that this blog was always meant to my thoughts about Our Trip of a Lifetime – a single location where I could keep everyone up to date on where we were and what we were doing while travelling around Australia.

And yet, at the same time, I was also using another blog where I have been posting a galaxy of poetry, short stories, tall tales, and other assorted creative items’All 145 of them.  (Ok, that number doesn’t sound like that much, but trust me, it is and a lot of hard work and thought went into every one of them.)

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More Trip Trivia

I’m not sure I like the meaning of the word ‘trivia’ – matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential.  But that isn’t going to stop me from sharing.

The last time I did was a year ago (see Miscellaneous Trivia) making this not-so-trivial update long overdue and therefore . . . here’s another list of . . .

Miscellaneous Trip Trivia – Enjoy 🙂

So far we have towed our mini home just over 15,000 kilometres through four states – New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.  We briefly drove through the Northern Territory to visit Uluru and look forward to seeing more of the NT in the new year.

We are currently enjoying our fifth state – Western Australia.
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