My All Time Favourite

It could be hard to pick one photograph and deem it my favourite.  Funny that I said there were Too Many to Pick One in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge – Favorite Place and all of those photos I shared back in March are favourites.  I could easily have picked any one of them.

However, in the final edition of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the Daily Post staff contributors have shared their favourite photos and invited users to do the same.  Immediately (at least in my head anyway) I was back on Dicky Beach where I stood on a cold June morning in 2016.  With a bit of cloud about and the tide low, the wet sand reflected a myriad of colours flooding the sky as the Sun crept over the horizon.  The scene was breathtakingly beautiful as I stood there all by myself photographing the sunrise unfolding before me. Continue reading →

Goodbye Dicky Beach

The surf provided Dean with entertainment, the beach provided me with a great place to walk, the surf club provided us with a great place to eat, the warmth we experienced was incredible (considering it is supposed to be winter) . . . but . . . and it has to be said, at times the wind was a little scary and more than once the rain was relentless.
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Dicky Beach Turning on the Charm Again

The one thing about where we are at the moment, Dicky Beach is a 30 second walk from the door of our mini home, and being the early bird that I am, I get to see this as much as I like.

Sunrise June 11, 2016 - Dicky Beach, Queensland

Sunrise June 11, 2016 – Dicky Beach, Queensland

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Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken this morning.
(June 6, 2016)

When we were on Australia’s west coast, I said I would never get sick of seeing the Sun set over the ocean.  And I didn’t, but now that we’re back where we belong on the east coast, I can’t get enough of watching the Sun rise over the ocean, and this morning it really turned on the charm.

Sunrise, Dicky Beach June 6, 2016

Sunrise, Dicky Beach – Is this a promise of better things to come?

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Closing the Loop

Finally Back to Where It All Began

Five hundred and seventy days ago, on October 31, 2014, a little after 12 pm, Dean and I arrived at the Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park, parked our mini home on the site we were allocated and settled in for a week.

Before we started travelling, Dicky Beach was Dean’s favourite surf beach and, to be perfectly honest, if the park was any closer to the beach, you’d have sand in your pants.  Thinking back to our week here in 2014, I remember that Dean was in his element with the surf gods turning it on for five of the seven days we stayed, and I bit the pavement when I fell off my bike the first time we went out for a ride.  Thank goodness that was also the last time I fell off my bike.
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