The Creamiest Day of the Year

The what day?  The CREAMIEST day!

And (I hear you ask) why is today the creamiest day of the year?  Because July 30 is Cheesecake Day.  Yum! Yum!

As I pulled into the shopping centre carpark this morning, my favourite radio announcer was giggling about today being Cheesecake Day.  But I was so pleased he was because without his reminding me, I would never have known and would have gone about my day completely oblivious to the fact that today is the day to indulge in the decadence of this delicious dessert.
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Pancakes For One

What are you to do when it’s Mother’s Day and you are not blessed with the presence of your children to make you breakfast in bed?  No, this is not a sob story.

Perhaps, like me, your children no longer live at home or, as is the case with our two youngest daughters, they no longer live within easy driving distance.  Or taking it one step further, perhaps, as is the case with our eldest daughter right now, your children are currently overseas, and Mother’s Day is a solo affair.  Or as solo as it gets when your husband takes off down the beach for a surf.
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When Cake Becomes Bread

Today’s recipe was given to me by a friend almost 30 years ago and over the years it has stood the test of time as a quick and easy recipe for an all time favourite.  Once referred to as ‘cake’, these days it’s most likely referred to as ‘bread’.  Who decided banana cake was bread anyway?  Yes, I know.  One is moist and sweet, the other slightly dry and not so sweet.  But as Juliet argued in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet;

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.’.

So, call it whatever you like.  I love this recipe, it’s versatile enough to be either.  Ice it and call it cake, or leave it naked and call it bread, it doesn’t really matter because it’s yummy either way.

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