Not Happy, Jan!

I would like to think my Aussie followers know exactly what I mean by the words:

“Not Happy, Jan!”

It’s funny how three little words from a television advertisement back in the year 2000 became part of Australian culture.  You really do need to watch the ad to get a feel for their true meaning.
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The House Sitting Blues

For almost six months, Dean and I have been house sitting in and around the Sunshine Coast, close to Caloundra (where our new home is being built) and although this has been a godsend, and may even seem adventurous, minding someone else’s house does have its drawbacks.  Some can lead to occasions of hilarity like the time we had a carpet snake enter the house and I had a full-scale nuclear meltdown.  But there have also been many occasions of utmost frustration.  

In order to immortalise these moments of exasperation, I’ve compiled the following to demonstrate exactly what house sitting is not.  

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