A Bloomin’ Good Time

With blue skies and sunshine, my camera in hand, and its battery fully charged, I headed out into my garden to take a few ‘happy snaps’.

So, as promised last weekend, the following is a bit of a ‘pictorial’ update on how the garden is coming along.  Certainly, everything is loving the warmer weather and, following a glorious 88 mm drenching last Tuesday (3.4 inches of rain), it’s lovely to see my plants ‘singing’ so to speak.
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The First Hippeastrum

The presence of Hippeastrums in gardens across Australia is quite common, not a rare thing at all, and here in Queensland they normally flower from late September through to early October.

The bulbs can produce up to four flowers per stalk and they are exceptionally big, rather beautiful, and incredibly voluptuous, trumpet-shaped blooms.
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