Succulent Flowers and More

Flowers are a wonderful bonus on any succulent plant.  At the same time though, succulents can be shy when it comes to blooming.

Many succulents need higher temperatures in summer to set their blooming chemistry and, therefore, if we keep them indoors and our homes are climate controlled, they aren’t provided with that necessary temperature extreme.  Succulents that originate from cold-winter deserts, need winter dormancy and cold temperatures to induce spring blooms.

Generally speaking, if they are provided with the cold of winter, summer’s heat and a little fertilizer, they will put on a spectacular show.  Other times, a more intense light may be all that’s needed for successful flowering.
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A Bloomin’ Good Time

With blue skies and sunshine, my camera in hand, and its battery fully charged, I headed out into my garden to take a few ‘happy snaps’.

So, as promised last weekend, the following is a bit of a ‘pictorial’ update on how the garden is coming along.  Certainly, everything is loving the warmer weather and, following a glorious 88 mm drenching last Tuesday (3.4 inches of rain), it’s lovely to see my plants ‘singing’ so to speak.
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The Finished Taj Ma Mail

Finally yesterday I finished our letterbox.  Having waited two weeks for the rain to stop and the Taj Ma Mail to dry out just so I could paint it, I then had to wait for the rain to ease off again before glueing on our house number.

And the end result?
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Making Progress

Though far from finished, this past week has seen Dean and I tackle our front garden.

Kevin the ‘Brickie’ called out from where he was working across the street:

“Would you like me to build you a letterbox?”  

After some careful thought, and a little negotiation, we said yes to a rendered letterbox with a surrounding planter box.  I wasn’t home at the time of construction.  This was a big thing for me.  It has always been my job to keep my finger(s) on the pulse, so to speak.  But I needn’t have worried.
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