I Will, I Promise

I saw this wonderful article on Purple Clover and thought ‘I could put my own spin on those resolutions, I’m a woman in the midst of a midlife crisis’.  Perhaps that’s why I connected so easily with what Sharon Greenthal had to say.

Granted I had those thoughts back in December last year when the article was written and it’s taken me this long to get around to creating my own version.

But as today marks the day I’m another year older, another step away from that half-century milestone, I thought this day was the perfect day to think (and write) about what I’d like to do, or change, about myself over the coming year – or years.
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The Hardest Word

Adeiu – Adios – Arrivederci – Au revoir – Bon voyage – Cheerio – Ciao – Farewell – Hasta la vista – Hasta mañana – Nos vemos – Salut – See ya – So long!

The language used doesn’t really matter when the meaning of the word is the same and for me at the moment, “goodbye” is the hardest word I have to say.

We’ve done this once before.  Packed up our possessions and moved elsewhere when work and a much-needed change of life and lifestyle saw us move from Townsville, in Queensland’s north, to Brisbane, the state’s capital, situated in the middle of a region known colloquially as the Great South East.

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