Did You See That?

In January this year, I missed the Super Blue Blood Moon, that rare event saw a total lunar eclipse occur when the second full moon for the month was in perigee (its point of orbit when its nearest the Earth).  I was guttered, the weather was so unkind with huge summer storms rolling in even though clear skies were predicted.

But I did say back then that what I love so much about the Moon is that every month there’s a chance to see it full.  Sometimes there are two chances, and at other times special events coincide with the Moon being full.  This is what happened during the recent eclipse when totality – the duration of total obstruction during an eclipse – lasted an unusually long time and it’s all thanks to a few celestial events converging – well, almost converging.
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Magnificent Mars

Look up into the night sky at the moment and, providing there are no clouds to obstruct your view, it will be hard to miss seeing Mars, which is currently nearing its closest approach to Earth in almost 15 years and looking resplendently bright.

Rising approx. two hours after the Moon last night, Mars was clearly visible.  I’ve been watching it for a few nights as it moves towards opposition in the early hours of Saturday morning when will also be at its brightest since it made its closest approach to Earth in almost 60,000 years back in 2003*. Continue reading →

Another Blue Moon

I think my efforts with my camera last night, while rather unsteady, actually turned out to be not so bad.

Blue Moon, 6:38 pm, March 31, 2018

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Mesmerizing Fascination

It’s no great secret that I love the Moon.  This blog is full of pictures I’ve taken (and stories I’ve told) about my fascination for that beautiful, big, natural satellite that dances around our planet in synchronous rotation.  

I find it quite bewildering that as the Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun, and each rotates upon its own axis, the end result is a ballet of grace and beauty that sees the same side of the Moon always facing towards the Earth.

For me, this is a mesmerizing fascination that compels me to ‘look up’ as often as possible.
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I Love the Moon

I guess I’m not alone in loving the Moon, but since I discovered my camera can take a (semi) decent photo, I’ve been zooming in and capturing images.

April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016

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