Best Movie Experience

I love going to the movies, and even more so when it’s Gold Class – that wonderful movie experience where you lay back and relax in a comfortable recliner, share the¬†room with only 38 other moviegoers, and have your pre-ordered food and drinks delivered throughout the movie at the time you specified when placing your order.

It is the ultimate luxury cinema experience and not just because of the wall to wall screens either. ¬†There’s the crystal clear sound that can at times vibrate right through your chest and not another moviegoer sitting near enough to kick the back of your seat.
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What’s On?

As we walked through the doors, I leaned towards Dean and jokingly whispered “I bet Ben-Hur is still playing here!”

I’m not being a snob, honestly I’m not, but the Roxy Cinema Complex in Nowra is quite possible the oldest movie theatre we’ve ever walked into and I cannot remember the last time I saw ‘what’s showing’ so proudly displayed above the entrance as if it was 1950.
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