Pancakes For One

What are you to do when it’s Mother’s Day and you are not blessed with the presence of your children to make you breakfast in bed?  No, this is not a sob story.

Perhaps, like me, your children no longer live at home or, as is the case with our two youngest daughters, they no longer live within easy driving distance.  Or taking it one step further, perhaps, as is the case with our eldest daughter right now, your children are currently overseas, and Mother’s Day is a solo affair.  Or as solo as it gets when your husband takes off down the beach for a surf.
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Turning Tim Tams into Truffles

If you’ve been waiting in eager anticipation of something special this festive season, and have a little time to spare, why not try these little beauties.

I found a recipe online for something similar, but I was rather unhappy with the end result, even though I followed the recipe ‘to the letter’.

Not one to be beaten, the second time around, I made a few adjustments to the recipe method and ingredients, and voilà, I now have my own recipe for a decadent little bite of Christmas cheer.

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