January Has It All

I missed the supermoon back in December due to cloud cover and was disappointed that this was going to happen again with summer storms arriving in the late afternoon yesterday (as is so often the case for this time of the year).

For someone who loves the Moon, this is a disheartening situation.  It’s not every month that the Moon is in perigee – the point in its orbit when it is nearest to the earth.  Actually, this is the second of three sequential supermoons.  The third will be on January 31, 2018, and I’m excited that January has it all.
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The Super (Duper) Moon

Last night we had the opportunity to see the biggest and brightest supermoon to rise in almost 69 years.  The brightest because the Earth, the Sun and the Moon were in perfect alignment, and the biggest because the Moon was at the point of least distance to the Earth (perigee).  It will be November 2034 before the Moon is this close again.  (November 25, 2034 to be exact.)

Dean and I arrived at Peregian Beach late yesterday afternoon, approx one hour prior to moonrise, the sky was clear of cloud, magnificently magical, and we were ready for the rising of a big red orb.  Sadly, as it sometimes happens, Mother Nature had other ideas and, during that hour we waited, the clouds rolled in, obscuring the horizon, and we then waited an additional 55 minutes past moonrise to get our first glimpse of the Moon.
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