The Bungle Bungle Range

What a Fantastic Flight! Missing out on touring the Horizontal Falls was very disappointing indeed, yet Dean and I quickly discussed if there was ‘something else’ we could do.  A … Continue reading The Bungle Bungle Range

From Nowhere to Lake Argyle

After leaving Nowhere in a hurry early Thursday morning, we had a very pleasant drive through the eastern parts of the Kimberley region. We were 328 kilometres away from our … Continue reading From Nowhere to Lake Argyle

Meanwhile, In Broome

Today it’s a very pleasant day in Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.  It’s only 29°C (84.2°F).  It’s supposed to be much hotter, but then it’s only 9:00 am and … Continue reading Meanwhile, In Broome

Eighty Mile Beach

Thoughts on Location No 79 Eighty Mile Beach, Kimberley, Western Australia First things first, Eighty Mile Beach is not 80 miles long.  It actually stretches for 140 miles (220 kilometres) … Continue reading Eighty Mile Beach

Exmouth and the North West Cape

Thoughts on Location No 77 Exmouth, Pilbara, Western Australia From the southern end of the Ningaloo Marine Park to the northern end, and into hotter territory. I thought that couldn’t … Continue reading Exmouth and the North West Cape

Fun Times in Shark Bay

A World Heritage Listed Wonderland I could say all sorts of things about why Shark Bay is World Heritage Listed, but I’ll let you read all about it here if … Continue reading Fun Times in Shark Bay

The Cervantes and The Pinnacles

Travelling north and leaving Rockingham and Perth behind, our first destination was planned and pre-booked – the sleepy little seaside township of Cervantes – the gateway to Nambung National Park, … Continue reading The Cervantes and The Pinnacles