The Moon

The following is an exert from My Lunar Affliction, posted on July 9, 2019.

The internet is full of memes that will tell you what a ‘selenophile’ is, and although I couldn’t find this word’s meaning in a (reputable) online dictionary, I did find the following:

Selen (or seleno): the Moon

-phile (or philo): loving, or lover of

So I’m guessing, in combining the two, Selenophile could mean Lover of the Moon in much the same way that Selenology is the scientific study of the physical features of the Moon, and that a scientist who studies the physical features of the Moon is called a Selenologist.

Whether Selenophile is or isn’t a ‘real’ word – I’ll take it.

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I care little as to whether I’m a Selenophile or Lunatic because I love gazing at our planet’s natural satellite and expanding my knowledge of it and photographing its beauty.

July Blue Moon Squares

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Full Moons

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Super Moons

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Mini Moons

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